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The year is 1483 and the mighty Medici family rule Florence with an iron fist. A new and unseen evil however, has been hunting and lurking in the back streets of this ancient city and only a young knight, Giovanni Lascorza can stop it. With the help of his chief aide, Otto Baldwinson, the two adventurers find themselves drawn into a complex web of lies, subterfuge and deceit battling a monstrous evil that will not rest until Florence is destroyed!

The Tyrant of Siena is an epic tale of action and adventure, historical murder mystery, heroism and drama. Follow in the adventures of Giovanni and Otto and take a step back in time to the old world and wander the streets of the Italian renaissance as they investigate a series of murders in the heart of Florence.



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 The year is 1483, the war with Siena ended in stalemate but now a new, more powerful threat has risen from the east and the spectre of death and destruction yet again hangs over Florence and her allies. Knight and hero of Florence, Giovanni Lascorza and his chief aide, Otto Baldwinson are forced to travel to Venice to trace the last known whereabouts of their friend Isabella, lest she suffer the wrath of a vengeful old enemy.

In Giovanni Lascorza and the Ottoman Scourge, mighty empires clash as the Ottoman hordes seek to overthrow and annihilate the ancient Republic of Venice and a priceless artefact lies at the centre of a power struggle which will determine the fate of the known world. In the midst of the fray Giovanni and Otto arrive and a desperate struggle for survival ensues.




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In a world riven by invasion and treacherous deceit, Giovanni and Otto are back as the mighty French war machine invades northern Italy, and a loose alliance of Italian city states is formed to repel it.

With old enemies revealing their murderous intent and new alliances formed, The Field of Miracles pits our heroes against a merciless and unyielding foe, where whole cities are sacked and burned, and the weak and the innocent bear the brunt of man’s unrelenting greed.

Whilst Italy burns Rome sits quietly by as a deadly plot within the very walls of the Vatican threatens the Papacy, and a race against time begins as the Holy Inquisition unleash their wrath.

The battle lines are drawn, yesterday’s friends are today’s enemies and medieval Europe is in turmoil.



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 The year is 1484 and a vile devilry is at the heart of the holy Church. In a complex web of deceit and lies, our two Florentine adventurers combine forces with the mysterious and dangerous Spanish inquisition, and step into the murky world of Roman politics. Surrounded by heretics and traitors they engage in a desperate struggle to save Pope Sixtus IV, and with him, the hopes of the powerful Medici family.

From the distant shores of Britain, a mysterious knight in league with the dark forces of Siena seeks to destroy the Medici bank for his own nefarious aims, whilst in Florence, a long forgotten enemy has risen from the ashes to begin a rebellion that would destroy the vice-like grip on power maintained by the Medici, and the fate of all hangs in the balance.

The world is in turmoil, war is looming and only the strong will survive.



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The prequel to the Heroes of Florence by Jude Mahoney

The year is 1451 and the rival factions of the Holy Roman Empire are at constant war. No quarter is given and the innocent on all sides are massacred in their thousands. It is a time of war and savagery where the weak are but pawns in the games of kings.

From the heart of the Black Forest, raiders strike a village in the dead of night and slaughter its inhabitants and the destiny of one boy is changed forever. Forced to survive and take refuge in the dense forests that surround his home, Otto Baldwinson happens upon a twist of fate that sees him enter the service of the greatest fight-master of the age.

Having mastered the mysterious ways of the longsword, Otto embarks on an adventure that charts his rise to becoming a knight and saving the life of the most powerful man in the land, the Holy Roman Emperor himself.

Stormboar is a historical fiction short story about the life and times of the remarkable Otto Baldwinson, and a prequel to the Heroes of Florence historical fiction series of books.