About Jude

My name is Jude Mahoney, I was born, raised and educated in the English Midlands, having graduated in IT at university, I served a brief spell in the Royal Navy, seeing action in Iraq in 2003. Having returned to normality, I decided to write about what I was passionate about, the Italian Renaissance. It was a period of intense change, though it was still very much a period of chivalry and adventure.

As a lover of life, the great outdoors and all things historical, I created the Heroes of Florence series of books, to reimagine and bring to life that captivating period. I hope my readers will discover action and adventure in the old world with Giovanni and Otto as they journey through renaissance Italy!

I hoped to bring to life the feeling of walking through the twisting, winding cobbled streets of Florence, the sights, the sounds, the smells, whilst recreating just how dangerous a period it would have been. The politics of the age was dependent on familial ties, on ever shifting alliances that were here today, gone tomorrow, and the notion of having your family's enemy stabbed in a backstreet was also a very real possibility. 

The Renaissance was also an age of great beauty, of sacred geometry and architecture and a move away from the medieval period (though it wasn't known as such at the time) and eventually gave way to the early modern period.